The North Entrance of Bangalore Fort

c. 1804-05

This is an aquatint engraving showing the northern entrance of the Bangalore fort post the attack on Bangalore by the British East India Company during the Third Aglo-Mysore War in 1791. The war was fought between the British army and the king of Mysore Tipu Sultan, who was defeated and the fort was captured. This engraving was created a year after the defeat (1792) after an illustration by James Hunter who served the British East India Company and took part in the Anglo-Mysore War. His sketches of south Indian cities such as Bangalore, Mysore and Madras, among others, formed a part of “A Brief History of Ancient and Modern India” by F. W. Blagdon in 1802-1805. This particular print shows repairs being made to the entrance gateway of the fort after the war, as the flag of Tipu’s kingdom flies on top of the bastion (the fort was returned to Tipu Sultan in the year 1792).

The North Entrance of Bangalore
c. 1804-05
Lieutenant James Hunter
H. Merke
Polychrome Engraving on Paper
28.8 cm x 34.8 cm
Accession No.