Kashmiri Brahmins, Kashmir

c. 1875

This is a photograph taken by Francis Frith in 1875 of two Kashmiri Brahmins who are cloth sellers by profession.

Francis Frith, then an owner of a grocery business, developed interest in photography in Liverpool around 1851. By 1856 he had his first photographic exhibition at the London Photographic Society. In 1859, he established his photography company Francis Frith & Co., which specialised in postcards of landscapes and architectural views from Britain and the Middle East. As his Photography business grew, Frith hired other photographers to capture views under Francis Frith & Co. His photographs from India were captured around c. 1865-1875.

The origins of the Kashmiri Brahmin or Pandit community have been traced back to ancient times, and they are hence considered to be among the oldest inhabitants of Kashmir. Historically, during the Akbar administration, many  were employed as peshkars (revenue collectors), diwans (ministers), and sahibkars. During the British Raj, they were found in almost all branches of administration.

Kashmiri Brahmins, Kashmir
c. 1875
Francis Frith
H:9.4 cm x W:14 cm
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