Manuscript of Shalihotra Samhita, Jodhpur

Late 18th-century

Shalihotra was a 3rd Century BC expert on animal rearing and healthcare. The veterinary treatise (Samhita) that he composed consists of 12,000 verses, and has been translated into Persian, Arabic, Tibetan, and English.

This copy of Shalihotra Samhita dates from the late 18th century. It contains 160 illustrations of elephants and horses, illnesses and conditions that can affect them, and a descriptive note on associated treatments.

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Manuscript of Shalihotra Samhita, Jodhpur
Late 18th-century
attributed to Shri Charandasji
H: 27.4 cm x W: 19.0 cm x D: 5.0 cm
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