The Forgotten Cities of Delhi by Rana Safvi

Rana Safvi is a renowned writer, scholar and translator, passionate about documenting India’s syncretic culture through her writings. In this talk, she leads us on a magical tour of the ancient, medieval and modern cities that make up Delhi.

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Rana is the author of Tales from the Quran and Hadith and Where Stones Speak: Historical Trails in Mehrauli, The First City of Delhi, The Forgotten Cities of Delhi and City of My Heart: Four Accounts of Love, Loss and Betrayal in Nineteenth-Century Delhi. She has also translated both editions of Asar us Sanadeed—part of the Sarmaya library—the seminal work on Delhi’s monuments written by Sir Syed Ahmed. Rana runs the popular blog ‘Hazrat-e-Dilli’ on her site